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My mind is a safe.
Reverie - A state of pleasantly being lost in one's thoughts.
You can't just always be living in reality. You have to daydream sometime, "get lost" and just imagine. Because sometimes reality can make you insane.
I wonder. I feel. I believe. Everyday I wake up, thinking about how I can be a purpose to someone on that day. I'm just like you
Gaby. 16. Your dose of eccentricity. Music. Food. Frustrated guitarist/writer. I wish to paint someday.Lets be friends


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Why does forgetting even exist?

The year’s almost over. And I feel terrible for spending more than half the year believing that I could actually count on you. And I don’t mean it in an affectionate, lovey-dovey way that people might misinterpret it, I’m leaning towards deepening friendship, you know, like how we confide to each other our problems in the middle of the night. Or maybe how we text each other weird things in the middle of the day. But we don’t wait for each other’s texts or we don’t feel hurt when neither one of us replies. And it seemed pretty normal and genuine to me. I thought it would last, really. But then I realized I was at the losing end. Well hey, I’m glad you’re a lot better than the person you were yesterday, but, well, you know even an itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy acknowledgment is all right. 

It really sucks to, well, you know trust a person so much. And then the next thing you know… that person is a complete stranger. 

And all I can think is… “Just be that good friend. There’s a redeeming factor to it.” 

But frankly, it’s been a week and nope, there’s no silver lining that’s obvious to me.

light(s) went out