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My mind is a safe.
Reverie - A state of pleasantly being lost in one's thoughts.
You can't just always be living in reality. You have to daydream sometime, "get lost" and just imagine. Because sometimes reality can make you insane.
I wonder. I feel. I believe. Everyday I wake up, thinking about how I can be a purpose to someone on that day. I'm just like you
Gaby. 16. Your dose of eccentricity. Music. Food. Frustrated guitarist/writer. I wish to paint someday.Lets be friends

We’ve got champagne taste, but not enough money for the real thing.

Love & Drugs // The Maine

The Truth Is…

Am I gifted with the talent of insecurity? 

Sometimes I wonder why I can adeptly compare myself to others. Is there something I’m missing? Am I trying too hard to be someone else? Or am I fooling myself and giving in to peer pressure? 

I really wish I could shut of my brain, even for just a day. And then I could let loose without thinking about how people look at me. 

Or maybe it’s my fault I’m in introvert. I wait for someone to initiate, when in fact I have the courage to start a conversation. I always wait for the right time. But just when I’m about to launch it, the opportunity passes.

Why can’t I grasp an opportunity once and for all? 

And then maybe I won’t have to count my regrets for each day that passes by.

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